Warranty & Support

Warranty and Exchange Policy in Africa 

Warranty is with Seek Thermal

J3 Thermal can not be held liable if Seek Thermal rejects any warranty replacements or repairs of any Seek Thermal units

J3 Thermal has a No returns Policy

J3 Thermal is the Master Distributor for Seek Thermal in Africa,  

and are covered by Seek Thermal inc. under Limited Warranty only. 

This means that all products in Africa is warranted for one year from the Purchase Date against defects in materials and workmanship. 


All Seek Thermal Cameras in Africa is covered for the following: 

  1. Factory Defects 

  2. 1 Year Warranty from date of Purchase 

  3. The faulty unit should be returned to the seller: i.e. Shop or retailer.  ( Where the unit has been purchased ) 

  4. The Unit must be returned in Original Packaging 

  5. Original Proof of Purchase with fault description  must be handed in with the unit.

  6. Defects include : Factory defects only. 



The Unit will be tested.


Should it be found that the defects was caused due to customer neglect the unit will not be replaced.


The limited warranties described here do not apply for Covered Products that:

Contain missing or altered serial numbers; have missing housings or

tampered packaging or casing;

or has defects or performance problems caused by third party accessories, parts or components. 

J3 Thermal Terms and Conditions apply .

All rights reserved. 


J3 Thermal specialize in equipping wholesalers, retailers as well as customers with necessary Product information and needed product training. 

Online training an introduction and application videos, /whitepapers and information brochures  is made available by Seek Thermal and J3 Thermal on Social Media Platforms. 


We encourage customers to communicate with the sales teams & representatives to confirm whether the Seek Thermal Camera or  model in question is correct for your application. 


J3 Thermal offer aftersales support through group workshops and training as well as  group demonstrations.




Please note the NEW warranty information and procedure for South Africa as per Seek Thermal valid from June 2020


 1. 1 year from date of Purchase depended on fault
 2. Customer neglect will not be covered by the warranty
 4. **Accuracy of Temp Measurement: Allow for up to > / < 6°Celsius ΔT regardless of Seek Thermal Model.

Protocol test must be carried out by customer to determine the fault.

Protocol Test:

Reset the Thermal camera to original factory settings.
Set the camera to the grey scale filter / color pallet

Boil a kettle ( A Black Body Machine can also be used at 3 set temperatures. )
Pour boiling water into mug

Stand as close as possible to the mug. The complete mug must be in the field of view.
 1. Take a thermal image immediately after the boiling water was poured into the mug
 2. Stand as close as possible to the mug and take an image ; the whole mug must be seen in the field of view
 3. Make sure that there is a temperature visible in the image.
 4. Repeat step 1 and 3 stand 1 m away from the mug
 5. Repeat step 1 and 3 after 5 min. ( Boiling water cooling down )
 6. Repeat step 1 and 3 after 20min ( Boiling water cooled down to room temperature)
 7. Take a thermal image of a tear-duct / eye area of a healthy person with temperature marker . Stand as close as possible
 8. Email the Thermal photos to sales@j3thermal.co.zawith Fault report
 9. J3 Thermal will respond to the fault report
 10. Fault report will be sent to Seek Thermal for approval.

 11. Fault Report must include the following information:
 • Product Type
 • Seek Serial No.
 • Purchase date with proof of purchase
 • Order No.
 • Protocol Test Images and Report

Warranty is with Seek Thermal

J3 Thermal can not be held liable if Seek Thermal rejects any warranty replacements or repairs of any Seek Thermal units

Units will not be considered for Warranty or Repair if the protocol has not been followed and a Fault report has not been handed in.


J3 Thermal does not except returns, refunds or replace units purchased 

Kind regards
J3 Thermal